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This is my day book for this week. I have modeled this after science fiction and computer writer Jerry Pournelle's view, or as he calls it, his Day Book. I encourage you to see Jerry Pournelle's site and subscribe to his services.

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This week: August 3-9, 2015

Summary of this week:

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Monday August 3, 2015

The Swatch Sistem51: all mechanical, self-winding, $150 made by robots. This is a big deal.

Workers from Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) are about to strike Verizon

Health Care gone wild: Our DoD hires Cerner, Leidos and Accenture for $9billion to overhaul its health care.

Welcome to the world of job insecurity.

The case for building robots as soldiers in war.

A closer look at Microsoft's new Edge browser.

Our President battles climate change. It is difficult to imagine someone having better intentions and greater ignorance at the same time.

This story is everywhere, so it must be important. The robot that hitchhiked across Canada only makes it 300 miles in America. Residents of Philadelphia, never satisfied with being goons, destroyed the defenseless machine.

A story of Vietnamese boat people in Silicon Valley. This is America, folks.

Predictors predict a big quarter for Apple and its updated iMac desktop computers.

Aha, with time people are finding "features" of Windows 10 they dislike. Windows 10 defaults to using your computer to share updates with other people. Hence, you are working for Microsoft for no pay.

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Tuesday August 4, 2015

People, at least in the affluent US, are living longer and longer and longer. Perhaps, one day, Congress will realize this and adjust the Social Security ages.

German researchers claim to have facial recognition that works from heat signatures in the dark.

Apple may start its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service in the US.

The Greeks re-open their stock market, and it crashes 22%.

All is not lost at Reddit as use of the site hits an all-time high.

The price of Twitter stock continues to fall.

A look inside the failure of Google+. Simple, they tried a 1,000-person project with no experience in that scale.

A company tries to attract female engineers, but their ad campaign backfires.

Apple buys 43 acres on the north side of San Jose. That is expensive $130+million real estate.

Acer has two Windows 10 laptops for less than $200. Today's typewriters.

And they are using a term new to me—Cloudbooks.

Apple, Ikea, and others are buyng woodlands to manage them, better.

NASA continues to waste money. This time they are crashing planes to learn how to find crashed planes.

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Wednesday August 5, 2015

Sandy, Oregon—where is broadband is a public utility and it only costs $40/month.

Epson tries to exploit its printer head design and remove the expensive printer cardtridge.

The ultimate hobby: TRS-80 Model 100, Raspberry Pi B, a serial cable, a USB-to-serial converter, and...

Netflix stock hits an all-time high.

Netflix announces unlimited maternity and paternity leave. This is costly in the short term, but may pay the company big in employee retention.

Communist China, where policemen work inside your company to watch you and your customers.

Intel doubles referral bonuses if you bring a woman to the company. Discriminating by gender to end discriminating by gender has its problems.

Apple's stock price is falling, and no one is sure why.

ooops, there is a security hole in Apple computers that people are exploiting.

The Kapors pledge $40million to aid new companies led my minorities and women. Discriminating to end discriminating has its problems.

Dubai invents yet another way to waste billion$ with an indoor ski slope in the desert.

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Thursday August 6, 2015

IBM is now helping businesses put Apple Macs into their enterprises.

Windows as a Service: Microsoft pushes out first update.

EMC may be bought by VMware or maybe the other way around.

NASA extends its contract with Russia for rides into space. Maybe in the next ten years America will have the ability to put a person in space. What happened?

NASA can't put a person in space, but it can make really neat videos. Gosh, what a waste of taxpayers' money.

This 16-year-old used inkjet printer technology to build a device that detects heart disease. His grandfather died of a heart attack before he was born. Given inspiration, look what can be done. Perhaps NASA could learn from...nah, just a dream.

For those fortunate enough to get a job there, Microsoft boosts its paid maternity and paternity leave, other leave, and 401K funding.

Coming real soon now, a $49 device that provides 3D photography from your smartphone.

Target is testing in-store beacons so they can send us text messages about the great stuff in front of our face.

It seems Chrysler knew its autos were open to hacking a long time before the rest of us.

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Friday August 7, 2015

Twitter stock drops, morale is very low, and people are heading for the exits.

Researchers find six different ways to hack a Tesla. You would have thought that Tesla...nah.

The Russians hacked our Joint Chiefs of Staff. But of course Hillary Clinton's server was safe and so is Health Care dot Gov.

Jon Stewart hosts his last Daily Show and raises $2.2million for autism. Good on him.

North Korea creates its own 1/2 hour off time zone.

Apple redesigns its website, and the Apple store no longer has its own URL.

IBM steps into supercomputer image analysis and health care.

NVIDIA has a better-than-expected financial statement, the stock price rises.

The massive change in what we used to call "television."

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Saturday August 8, 2015

Apple spend $700K a year on Tim Cook's security. This is a small $$$ compared to other CEOs.

Google and MIT create an algorithm that removes obstruction noise from images.

More idiosyncrasies appear in the Windows 10 upgrade.

The sales of traditional watches have plummeted. No one is sure if the Apple Watch et al have anything to do with it.

Great post title: Welcome to the Internet Compromised Things.

As an example, hackers are attacking gas stations now.

Verizon changes the world: shifts away from smartphone subsidies and service contracts.

Yet another idea for generating power from tidal movements. Maybe on day...

This is a great post about moving from a profession to managing in that profession.

This writer claims that we are tired of lists of lists and we want more detailed content.

This gadget charges your phone using a candle and water. Every apartment in America should have one of these.

Amy Ingram, x.ai—a personal assistant that isn't human, but works quite well. Can Amy spell unemployment?

This looks like a laptop computer, but is a motorized skateboard. Cute toy, but to a person who cannot walk, it is the entry technology to personal movement from a device that is no bigger than your feet.

The Yahoo! billboard returns to Silicon Valley.

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Sunday August 9, 2015

Intel will move its workstation-grade Xeon processors to laptops real soon now.

As facial recognition spreads, so do glasses that defeat cameras.

Clever active graphic shows how the 2008 Internet Explorer world became the 2015 Chrome world. 2009 was a good year for Opera.

Some tips on functioning well with less sleep. Good ideas on diet, television, and naps.

Android is the most-used operating system on the planet. Sometimes, success leads to failure.

Where are they now? Finding some old Microsoft millionaires.

The states are competing to be the friendliest to self-driving car tests and jobs.

There is a lot of action in the high-tech world of, wait for this, cargo shipping. $$$

Is nothing safe from hackers on the Internet of Things? Hackers can control electric skateboards.

"There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

How failure led to success for one writer. The practice doesn't apply to everyone.

The practice of writing Morning Pages each day.

Some thoughts on making an outline for a novel. I recommend the practice, but that is what works for me.

Writers beware of providing free samples to potential clients.

Some tips on writing everyday.

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