10 August 2017 - Still working with BAE Systems in data analyss, visualization, and creating demonstration and training documenation including video production.

1 February 2017 - Working for BAE Systems as a systems and software engineer in advanced visualization.

1 December 2016 - Completed the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science.


I have a new book coming in  2008 on project management. It is titled "Working Up to Project Management: How Crushing Rocks at the Asphalt Plant Prepared Me for Government Work." (ISBN: 978-0-932633-66-8, 224 pages softcover) It is available from Dorset House Publishing at this spot on their web site

Roy O'Bryan and I have written It Sounded Good When We Started. It contains stories and lessons learned from working with people on projects over the years. We think project managers can benefit from our mistakes.

In addition, I have written The Software Project Manager's Handbook now out in it's second edition. It contains information I have learned over the years about managing software projects of all sorts and sizes. The IEEE Computer Society published this book.

These two books are available at http://computer.org and www.wiley.com/ieeecs. Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) and Barnes and Noble (http://www.barnesandnoble.com) also sell them.

I wrote Image Processing in C. It discusses many topics in image processing. It is loaded with source code. R&D Publishing (http://rdbooks.com) published this in 1994.

The second edition of this book is available in electronic form from me on a CD-ROM. Send me an e-mail for details. Also, the second edition is available online. The text of the book is on scribd.com. The complete package (book, source code, etc.) is on this collection site.

Why don't these fit?

Just Enough Systems Engineering 

I have a text on Systems Engineering. Most books on Systems Engineering are 500+ pages long and cost over $150. My book is117 pages and is F R E E to download in a PDF file. It covers the essential practices and skills of Systems Engineering. Look here for information and to download.


I have several blogs.

  1. Working Up where I share thoughts on project management, systems engineering, technology, and writing.
  2. My day book patterned after Jerry Pournelle's view. It contains daily entries of items I have found of interest.
  3. In 2008, I wrote 53 shorts stories (one per week). The last of these are linked here.
  4. Taking a Walk - walking from Northern Virginia to Southeastern Louisiana. I finished this 1,100-mile walk in October of 2009. It was great fun. There are nearly 100 entries in this blog. 


Here are a few books and other publications I have read and reviewed:
  • A book review of Scott Berkun's Making Things Happen.
  • book review of Jerry Weinberg's Perfect Software and other illusions about testing.
  • book review of Jerry Weinberg's The Aremac Project.
  • book review of Andrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies.
  • A book review of The Art of Lean Software Development

Other Publications

I have also written a number of other articles. Complete list of publications.

Here is a list of my short stories I have for sale on smashwords.com .

See my Travel Blog posts  I spend a lot of time traveling as part of my job. I have written a couple of essays about traveling. I hope you enjoy them.

Some have appeared in The Cutter IT Journal The Cutter IT Journal (formerly American Programmer). (see www.cutter.com).

Some have appeared in the Cutter IT e-mail Advisor (see www.cutter.com).

I wrote a series of articles image processing as well as other programming papers for The C/C++ Users Journal in the 1990s.

I wrote a couple of editorials for The Open Channel page of IEEE's Computer. (see www.computer.org)

The Open Channel of IEEE's Computer

Is Your Project a Dilbert Cartoon?

Travel Essays

Summer Travel
POSH Travel Still Exists
Full Airplanes


My name is Dwayne Phillips. I live in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. After about 28 years working for the U.S. government as a systems and computer engineer, I retired from that in November 2008. I did much the same for ITT Exelis in Northern Virginia. I am now working for Intelligent Waves in Reston, Va. One of my avocations is writing about technical subjects.

A few credentials

  • BS degree in Electrical Engineering from LSU May 1980
  • MS degree in Electrical Engineering from LSU December 1984
  • PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from LSU August 1990
  • PMI PMP 2011
  • ITIL 2015
  • Certified Scrum Master 2016
  • Security+ 2016
  • Microsoft Data Science Program 2016

Security Clearances: Active TS and SCI eligible