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Walking Down US Highway 11 – Winchester, Virginia to Louisiana

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Entries from October 2008

Day 37 – Halloween

October 31st, 2008 · 3 Comments

by Dwayne Phillips It seems strange to be away from home on Halloween, let alone doing what we are doing. No one will come to our motel door and ask for candy.  Anyways, we walked through Athens, Riceville, Calhoun, and Charleston, Tennessee. We covered 18 miles in good weather. A little chilly at 35 degrees […]

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Day 36 – Frost, Dust, an Oasis, and Everything in Between

October 30th, 2008 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips Today was a full day – 20 miles with many attractions and events. We walked through Philadelphia, Sweetwater, and Niota, Tennessee. This may be a long post. It was 32 degrees F this morning with frost. The weather warmed quickly, we stripped off all our extra layers, and it ended at near […]

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Tags: Loudon County · McMinn County · Monroe County · Tennessee

Day 35 – Frost!

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips Today we walked through Lenoir City and Loudon, Tennessee. We covered 18 miles for the second straight day. The skies were clear last night, and the temperatures plummeted to 30 degrees F. Thankfully, it wasn’t windy during the morning. It was windy in the afternoon, but the temperatures had climbed to almost […]

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Tags: Knox County · Loudon County · Tennessee

Day 34 – Knoxville

October 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

by Dwayne Phillips Today we walked through Knoxville, Tennessee east to west or north to south if you follow Route 11. It was COLD today. The temperature was 40 degrees F in the morning with a steady 15 mile per hour wind. The lady at our motel told us they usually don’t have this type […]

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Back to the Dentist and a Question

October 25th, 2008 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips I visited the dentist yesterday. All is coming along as planned (by the dentist). Insert you favorite Dentist joke here. Laugh a minute and continue reading. Actually, I have very pleased with me dentist. He is simply good at being a dentist. He knows where to stick the needle and how to […]

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Day 33 – Back to Plain Old 11

October 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

be Dwayne Phillips We entered Knoxville and made it to the point where Route 11E rejoined Route 11W to become plain old U.S. Route 11. Today was a short day of walking. After walking, we drove eight hours back to Reston, Virginia so I could go to the dentist tomorrow. The weather was a little […]

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Tags: Jefferson County · Knox County · Tennessee

Buy Here – Pay Here

October 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

by Dwayne Phillips I am seeing this sign more often the past week in southwestern Virginia and northeastern Tennessee. Mostly at car dealerships – used car dealerships. These businesses make their money on financing. There is no telling what kind of interest rates they charge and what they find for collateral. My guess is they […]

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Day 32 – A 20-Mile Day

October 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips Today we walked through Jefferson City, New Market, and Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. Note: Not all of the towns in Tennessee have two words in their names; it just seems that way. The weather again was chilly – 40 degrees F in the morning and 50 at quitting time. We did indeed cover […]

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Tags: Hamblen County · Jefferson County · Tennessee

Day 31 – Skywalking

October 21st, 2008 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips Today we walked through the little towns of Whitesburg and Russellville and the big town of Morristown, Tennessee. The weather was again fine – a chilly 40 degrees F in the morning but a good 65 degrees in the afternoon. The first site of the day was this barn with a “See […]

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Tags: Hamblen County · Tennessee

Day 30 – Back to the Country

October 20th, 2008 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips Today we walked from Greeneville to Bulls Gap, Tennessee. We covered 18 miles. A cloudless day, the temperature ranged from a chilly 40 degrees F to a perfect 70 degrees F. Route 11E is a four-lane divided highway for 15 of our 18 miles walked today. This is like walking on the […]

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