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Recruiting: Write-Only Memory

June 8th, 2017 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips

There are no qualified applicants available! Jobs are left empty! Really?

This links to yet another article where employers complain that there are no qualified applicants available. There are many reasons why jobs go unfilled while the qualified remain unemployed. This post is about one of the reasons:

The recruiting departments of some companies use write-only memory.

The unemployed look online, find job descriptions, and apply to them. The trouble is, the recruiting system uses write-only memory, i.e., no one is able to read the job application.

Or so it seems. I know I am being silly. Still, countless times I have met people with jobs who complain that they need people (like me) to come to work with them. They are shocked to learn that I have applied to all the job openings they have. No one ever told them. So, they enter information into their recruiting system that forces people to see and call. No one sees; no one calls. A shame, they are using write-only memory as well.

I don’t work in a recruiting department. I don’t know what type of systems they use. I don’t know why persons are unable to see applications. Surely they are not using write-only memory. Surely something else is in the way. Perhaps one day I will learn what that monstrous something is.

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