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Fake News (and our misguided efforts to stop it)

July 27th, 2017 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips

Let’s take a breath and pause regarding all this “stop fake news.”

We have to stop fake news. It is ruining civilization. It ruined an election. It is wreaking havoc around the world. Come on everyone, when you see fake news, label it, punish it, eradicate it.

Well, perhaps some pause is in order. I label such and such fake news, that is an editorial on my part. That is my opinion.

This is fake, see that for the truth,” I shout aloud with all my lungs.

And it is censorship. “This person must shut up!”

Of course I can work around all these not-so-nice words like censorship and justify how when you turn on the lights the roaches run away and all that. Still, let’s not kid ourselves.

Someone once said that we could solve the longitude problem with a pocket watch. Fake News! (well, not really)

Someone once said the hysteria was not a female condition. Fake News! (well, not really)

Fake News! Censorship?

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