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Freedom of Choice and Excuses

September 7th, 2017 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips

Freedom of choice robs us of excuses. Of course we are free to choose to ignore this.

Most of us live in a world of abundance and wealth. Come on folks, admit this is true.

We have the freedom to choose much of what we do.

It is unfortunate, but we often choose to do something that brings us troubles. Rats. What is wrong with us? We must be human or something.


We do what we like to do and avoid what we don’t like to do.

No duh on that one. Still, we avoid the consequence of the above. Given we do what we want and what we like, these luxuries rob us of excuses.

I weigh too much. I didn’t sleep last night because I ate too much at dinner. I’m tired because I stayed up too late watching something entertaining.

I chose to do those things. I chose to indulge. Rats. No excuses available. I can’t blame my pain by pointing to something or someone else. I’m the only one standing in the mirror.

Of course all this choice gives me one more choice. Let’s call it the “Ignore all else choice.

I can choose to ignore the obvious results of my choices that led me to this pain.

There. Nice to have a choice.

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