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Wiring America, Again, and Again

October 9th, 2017 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips

Once again, we march into the future doing the same thing we did in the past. And it isn’t a bad thing to repeat.

There was a time when a President and Vice President of America were doing a photo opportunity “wiring” a school. They were pulling Ethernet cables through conduit so every classroom would have one computer connected to that new-fangled Internet thingy. How ancient.

We are wiring America again. This time we are pulling smaller wires. At the end of the wires are USB ports. We have USB ports in theater seats, in couches in malls (remember malls?), at tables in restaurants, at bars in bars, at…well just about everywhere. Why? Because USB, which should be called Universal Mobile Power as that is what it has become, is the power outlet of the early part of this century. USB recharges our mobiles, and we all have mobiles, right?

So we are rewiring America again, this time with power. Sometimes even real 110V power outlets, but mostly with little USB wires.

Wasn’t electrification a big national program once?

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