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Great Ideas

November 13th, 2017 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips

Great ideas are all about us. We just have to notice. Sometimes we have to assign someone to be the notice-er.

There is something I have noticed about great ideas, i.e., the ideas that make our days better and make it easier to sleep at night:

Great ideas come from unexpected places at unexpected times.

Something else I have noticed about great ideas:

Great ideas are all about us, i.e., there is no shortage of great ideas.

My task as a project manager, i.e., someone who needs great ideas:

Keep your senses active so that you can notice and use great ideas.

Sometimes I am too busy or simply too weary to notice the great ideas. Now what? Try this one:

It is probably worthwhile to have someone on a large project who has no assigned duty other than to wander around and notice things.

I can be happier in my life. I can sleep better at night. All I have to do is just let the great of other ideas make these things so.

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