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Take a Nap (you have my permission)

January 4th, 2018 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips

Go ahead; we all know it is the best thing to do. Take a nap.

A man at work struggling to read something and stay awake. Something was happening physically, low blood sugar or something like a gizzard malfunction. Sleep kept trying to drop a black hood over his head. He fought it off each time, but was still re-reading the first sentence of a ten-page document.

We all know the best thing to do is—take a 10-minute nap, get your gizzard working again, then read the thing. And we all know that we won’t do what we all know is the best thing to do because:

  • we work hard here
  • we are tough here
  • we are so tough we can overcome gizzard malfunctions and everything else nature throws at us
  • we are incredibly arrogant here
  • we deny all reality here
  • we just don’t do those things here!!!

Take a nap. You have my permission to concede to reality and do what everyone knows we should do.

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