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The Second or Third Request

January 25th, 2018 · No Comments

by Dwayne Phillips

Sometimes you are best served and serving if you ignore a request or two.

Me: The thing the boss just asked for, what is it? How do you do it?

Older Co-worker: What? Oh never mind.

Me: But the boss wants it, real quick, it is important. Right?

Older Co-worker: Forget about it. If our boss asks again, think about it, but don’t do anything.

Me: No words, but puzzled expression.

Older Co-worker: The boss always asks for stuff. Most of it just pops up because some other boss mumbled about it earlier today. Our boss doesn’t have any idea what that is or what to do with it. Just mimicking the other bosses.

Me: more puzzled expression.

Older Co-worker: If another boss mumbles about it again, our boss will ask for it again, but our boss still won’t know what it is.

Me: Yeah, but… (note how I progress from puzzled look to two actual words)

Older Co-worker: If it is actually important and the boss understands what it is, the boss will ask for it again. Then we’ll do it.

Me: but isn’t that calling our boss…

Older Co-worker: Yeah. So it is. If you gave our boss what our boss requested, our boss would look at it, try to figure out what it is, try to figure out what to do with it, and probably get a headache. Give our boss a break. Wait until our boss knows something.

Me: Puzzled expression. Shrug of the shoulders. Turn and walk away.

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